Mole Removal

Having a mole removed is a simple cosmetic procedure that can be done in a single visit to a mole removal clinic. Whether it be a procedure for facial mole removal or anywhere else on the body the same techniques are generally used.

Multiple moles can be removed in one session which can save you time and money instead of having multiple trips to the cosmetic mole removal clinic. You also have the option of having mole removal treatment in our London clinic or in Turkey. There is a price difference naturally between the two options but both will be offered to you.

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Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is used for small moles and skin tags. Skin mole removal using laser treatment works as the mole pigment breaks down under the light energy provided by the laser.

Excision Mole Removal

Excision mole removal starts with a small injection to numb the area. This local anaesthetic means you won’t be able to feel the surgeon remove the mole which in turn means no pain. The mole is removed by being cut out. A small stitch is left in and a small scar will remain. This mole removal scar will fade over time.

Shave Mole Removal

Moles that protrude from the skin causing bumpy patches can be shaved away. The patient is under local anaesthetic to numb the area during the procedure. This simple and usually painless procedure has the surgeon using a scalpel to remove the mole. The mole removal scar is usually a faint pink and will fade over time.

Mole Removal Packages Inc. Medical Fees & Transfers

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Mole Removal NHS

NHS mole removal regulations require the mole to be suspected of being potential cancerous or to of mutated. This can be a danger sign of illness or disease within the body and you will be referred to a dermatologist to make a decision on the best course of action. The NHS will not provide mole removal treatment for cosmetic reasons. For this you will need to find a private mole removal clinic like one of MedAway’s affiliate clinics.

Mole Removal Cost UK vs Mole Removal Cost Turkey

Mole removal UK prices will differ depending on the amount of treatment required and the type of treatment. For example a single facial mole removal costs anywhere from £275 to £400. Some clinics charge an initial fee for the session and add on for every mole you have removed. The charge can quickly build up if your having multiple moles removed. The mole removal cost on face or body should always be explained up front before you agree to go ahead. At MedAway our mole removal clinic specialists will provide a full breakdown of costs and any charges up front before you agree to have the treatment. You can expect to save up to 50% on mole removal in Turkey.

Mole Removal Before and After

Be sure to look at real results from real patients who have had mole removal treatment with MedAway affiliate clinics in Turkey. Their skills and experience can be seen in these mole removal before and after photos. All patients that have moles removed for cosmetic reasons feel instantly happier and more confident as that stubborn mark is removed. The sight of relief on their faces when they look in the mirror and realise they never have to worry about it again is priceless.

Renew & Refresh Skin With Mole Removal Packages In Turkey

Mole Removal UK & Turkey With MedAway

Firstly get in touch and organise your FREE consultation. This can be at London Clinic face to face with one of our their experienced care team. Or if you prefer we can arrange a skype/facetime/call to go through the same consultation in the comfort of your own home. It’s your choice. We will assess your skin and your goals to find out how to make you happy and create the best results. You will be able to ask any questions and get to know the process of how it’s all done.

Once you are happy with the mole removal procedure and your chosen service provider, you are ready to fly to Turkey and be greeted by your VIP transfer team. They will get you safely from the airport to your clinic and ensure you are happy to go ahead with your treatment. You will then be taken care of by your chosen Mole Removal Clinic and they will carry out the procedure. Once all treatment is complete and you are ready to leave you will be transferred back to the airport to fly home.

Mole Removal VIP Transfers

When you purchase a cosmetic procedure package through MedAway you will always receive VIP transfers. These are provided by your chosen MedAway affiliate clinic. They will organise everything for you and have you picked up from the airport and safely brought to your clinic. After you have been discharged by your surgeon the transfer team will return you to the airport in time for your flight home.