Teeth Whitening

How To Get White Teeth

Tooth Whitening, or teeth whitening, is the process of changing the colour of your teeth to become brighter, cleaner and more attractive looking. For years everyone has been obsessed with how to whiten teeth or how to remove stains from teeth. With extremely high dental charges in the UK and poor access to expert treatments many have given up on their dream of having bright white teeth.

There are a million and one different products and treatments that claim you can whiten your teeth at home without breaking the bank. It is true that some of these products do work. However they will only whiten teeth temporarily and usually not to a great standard. You could pay out £100’s or even £1000’s of pounds over a short period of time chasing your white teeth goals. Results usually only last for a matter of weeks or months and you are soon brought back down to earth when your smile fades again.


teeth whitening explained. How do i get white teeth?

Teeth Whitening Before and After

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Teeth Whitening Turkey vs Teeth Whitening UK

When comparing professional teeth whitening the results in the UK and Turkey aren’t too far apart. The main differences are in the cost. The UK charge crazy amounts for even the shortest tooth whitening sessions. The professional tooth whitening industry is booming so they overcharge and take advantage of people. In Turkey the cost is much, much less. You will also find that Turkey will have the best teeth whitening compared to the UK. This is because In Turkey dental clinics are allowed to use higher concentrations of chemicals that are used in tooth whitening products. This means that the results are always better and with being administered by a health professional, a lot safer.

At MedAway we are honest and upfront about tooth whitening. It can be a great, cost-effective way to refresh your smile. But only if carried out correctly by expert dentists. With our cosmetic surgery and procedure packages you can always add on a tooth whitening session with one of our affiliate dental clinics. They are highly experienced in giving your smile that brighter more attractive look within a few hours.

We also find that patients who are going on holiday to Turkey book a visit to our affiliate clinics while they are away. A simple procedure like tooth whitening is the perfect treat to surprise your friends and family and loved ones upon your return home. Teeth whitening treatments aren’t permanent. Although you can expect great results from our affiliate clinics. For a more permanent treatment you can look into veneers, dental crowns and dental implants to solve your dental issues.

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Teeth Whitening Cost UK vs Teeth Whitening Cost Turkey

Teeth whitening cost in the UK is on average £400-£700. These prices are seen as the norm and are paid every day by patients who are looking to improve their smile. UK teeth whitening clinics do offer great service but charge a lot more when compared to Turkey clinics, even though the treatment is identical and often better in Turkey. The UK has much higher costs in the medical industry meaning to operate a business clinics and dentists alike have to charge much higher prices to ensure their profit margin. The same great products are used both in UK and Turkey meaning anything used during treatment is identical. For example the average MedAway cost in Turkey for teeth whitening is £200. Showing you can save on average 75% when travelling to Turkey for the exact same treatment.