Facelift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, is a procedure to enhance and improve the appearance of the face and neck. As skin ages over time it can sag and cause wrinkles. This, along with the daily impacts that occur on our skin can cause bad pores and flabby skin around the lower half of the face and neck. These negative changes don’t have to be permanent.

To reverse these changes you can have facelift surgery. This procedure will reduce flabby or sagging skin around the lower part of the face. Usually, the jowls and neck are the main areas adapted during a facelift. Facelift surgery is usually carried out with general anaesthetic administered. Depending on your individual needs the surgeon will adjust the surgery to suit your desired results.

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What Happens During Facelift Surgery?

Generally the facelift will include making incisions above the hairline that extend from your temples down in front of your ear. Also an incision will be made behind the ear and underneath the earlobe. If the jawline is being lifted then incisions will be made under the chin. Surplus facial skin is then removed and facial fat and tissue redistributed if necessary. The remaining skin will be pulled and tightened back and upwards before being stitched into the new position.

After the surgery the face is bandaged to help reduce bruising and swelling and to protect the incision areas. Average facelift surgery times last two to three hours. You will have some pain but will have pain relief prescribed to help deal with this.

During your stay for your facelift surgery you will be accompanied and helped by a member of the surgery team. You will have access to wifi in your hotel and can contact them at any time.

Facelift Recovery

For a full recovery from facelift surgery you usually require two to four weeks. You would need to have this length of time off work relaxing and avoiding strenuous activity. Bruising can last a couple of weeks and it can take six to nine months to see the full effect of the surgery. Your surgeon will advise on other activities such as driving. Also it is recommended to prop your head while sleeping with pillows. This helps reduce swelling to help speed up recovery.

If non-dissolvable stitches are used these should be removed after about a week. Following several weeks the scarring redness and bruising should fade.

To find out more on facelift surgery prices visit our page on facelift cost.

Facelift Cost UK

Facelift prices in the UK can vary dramatically between clinics. The price in the UK ranges between £3000-£10,000. The difference in price is usually due to the type of clinic and the extent of the procedure. For example you will pay more for a face and neck lift compared to just a standard facelift. Don’t forget that some clinics don’t have straight forward pricing. They sometimes add on charges for pre and post procedure consultations and treatment.

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Facelift pricing - what to look out for?

This makes it very important to always know the full cost of your facelift surgery before going ahead. Make sure you ask your consultant for all information relating to the cost. Find out what is included in the facelift package. If there is anything you want to add or are unsure about then just ask. For example here at MedAway we can adjust a package to suit your needs. Whether that be a more luxury hotel or a varied amount of treatments. You can make your facelift cheaper in the long run by adding more treatments for while your in Turkey.

Facelift Surgery Turkey Packages

At MedAway we pride ourselves on our straightforward pricing structure. All our packages are inclusive of pre and post procedure treatments, medical fees, Hotels, transfers and 24 hour support. You can expect to save up to 75% OFF facelift surgery prices compared to the UK. Your facelift surgery will be carried out by a professional health clinic in Turkey. Their experience and quality of service is extremely good. You will be able to discuss everything with your surgeon before the procedure and understand what to expect from the results of face lift surgery. All of this is included in the price. Which is why so many customers choose MedAway to find their cosmetic surgery packages.

Non-surgical Facelift Turkey

Due to the advancements in technology and cosmetic procedure techniques it’s not necessary to have a surgical facelift anymore. For example a modern technique called hifu facelift is used as a non invasive treatment.

The non surgical facelift is a good option for patients who aren’t ready for surgery or are looking for minor improvements. As a quick procedure sessions normally only last less than an hour. Results can be seen immediately but will be fully noticeable between a few weeks and months post procedure. This will allow the skin to produce the collagen, shrink pores and iron out wrinkles. With the correct tool you can even treat the skin around the eyes.

While having the procedure you will sometimes feel a small prickly or tickly sensation. This doesn’t usually cause much pain. Because of this patients are attracted to this treatment.

Hifu Facelift

A hifu facelift uses ultrasound technology to penetrate under the skin and promote collagen production. This helps tighten and firm up the skin. It creates a visible lift in the neck, face and brow areas. Over time the collagen which has been encouraged to grow will form and support the skin. As its a non-invasive procedure there is no scarring or long recovery time. The ultrasound technology is extremely safe. Also treatment is always provided by a clinical professional with a qualification in Hifu facelift technology.

Facelift Surgery vs Hifu Facelift

Naturally facelift surgery is the more professional and permanent procedure to reshape the face. As it means undergoing surgery a fully qualified surgeon with vast experience will carry out the procedure. This level of surgery will create long lasting results. Expectations for results need to be managed when considering Hifu facelift treatment. This treatment is extremely good for minor touch ups and alterations to the face. This version of the facelift procedure is useful for small wrinkles and to cure signs of ageing skin.

Facelift Cost Turkey

The cost of a facelift in Turkey is what makes it so appealing as an option for patients. The facelift price can be up to 50% less then the UK and you can also turn it into a bit of a holiday. This is great for patients wanting to get away from work or life itself and have a secret makeover. Turkey has become more and more popular due to the great prices of facelift surgery.

Facelift Before & After

The reason patients normally get facelift surgery is due to the ageing process on the skin. As we grow older our skin becomes more slack and stretches. This can create wrinkles and folds of skin that we find less appealing. The facelift removes any excess skin while stretching it tight. Once the healing process is completed patients can expect to look a lot younger and feel more confident. Many factors can be solved via facelift surgery that may have been problems before the surgery. After the surgery patients usually only tend to top up their look with non-surgical treatments such as fillers or botox.