How A Breast Lift Turkey Could Change Your Life

Losing shape and volume in your breasts can make some women feel less youthful and confident. Sagging, stretching, and changing shape are all-natural signs of aging, and some women can accept the effects of time, weight fluctuations and pregnancy on their body. For those women that want their youthful shape back, a breast lift Turkey could be the answer.

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Why Breast Lift Turkey and Not Breast Lift UK?

Many UK clinics offer breast uplift procedures, the cost is prohibitive for many patients. It is not unusual for a UK patient to pay between £4500 and £6000 for this type of surgery – and this does not include accommodation, travel, parking, the consultation, or medication. It is easy to see why this potentially life-changing Surgery is sadly out of the reach of many patients.

How Can A Breast Lift Be Life-Changing?

Most people have an area of their body that they feel less than confident about, and some women feel deeply unhappy with the shape of their breasts. In a cruel twist of fate, some women achieve incredible weight loss, only to find that their breasts begin to sag. Similarly, there is nothing more feminine than giving birth to and nursing a baby. It can be devastating to go from the glow of pregnancy to sagging and drooping breasts a year or two later. While drooping breasts can be caused by a variety of factors, the outcome is often the same – it’s harder for some women to feel as attractive, youthful or confident in and out of clothes, when their breasts have permanently changed shape.

By improving the shape of the breasts with cosmetic surgery, it is possible to improve a woman’s confidence, level of happiness and relationship with her own body. Feeling empowered to wear the clothes, swimwear and lingerie that truly expresses your personality is an important part of being a 21 st century woman.

Feeling confident and desirable in the bedroom is also a vital part of many women’s identity. Whether newly single or happily married, women that are happy with their body tend to enjoy intimate time more than women that feel unhappy with the way they look.

Surgery is not the only answer to body issues, and therapy can be extremely helpful. However, many women who feel unhappy with droopy boobs, feel that they would be happier if they could be improved. For women that would feel empowered by this operation, a breast lift Turkey is a cost-effective solution to this issue.

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What Is A Breast Lift?

Sometimes known as a boob lift, boob uplift, a breast lift or Mastopexy is an operation to permanently change the shape of the breasts. During the operation excess skin is removed, and breast tissue is reshaped to improve the profile of the breasts.

A breast lift Turkey is an incredibly popular procedure, with tens of thousands of patients heading to Turkey every year for a Mastopexy.

As well as the unsatisfactory shape of the breasts, some women find that the areola (the darker shape surrounding the nipple) can become enlarged or irregularly shaped. This too can be corrected during a Mastopexy, giving the patient raised and reduced areola, more in keeping with the improved shape of the breast.

A breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation or reduction, to create the ideal breast profile for the individual patient.

What Causes Sagging Breasts?

Breast skin is delicate, and there are many reasons why a patient’s breasts may start to lose shape over time. Some breasts are naturally droopy, even in younger women. Pregnancy, hormone fluctuations, weight gain and loss and according to some experts, even regular jogging without a proper sports bra can stretch and distort the skin.

Pregnancy causes the ligaments that support the breasts to stretch, as the breasts get fuller and heavier. Breastfeeding may continue this process after pregnancy, but sagging can occur through pregnancy alone.

Age is often a factor. Gravity affects the ligaments in the breasts, and aging skin has less collagen to enable it to spring back into shape. Women with larger breasts tend to experience more age-related sagging than women with petite figures.

Both losing and gaining weight can also cause breasts to sag and lose shape.

What Can Breast Lift Surgery Do for Me?

If you have viewed the breast lift before and after photographs on cosmetic surgery websites, then you will be aware that there are many different boob shapes and sizes. Sagging breasts are perfectly natural, as are breasts that are longer or rounder than the average. What breast lift surgery can do for you, is to re-shape your breasts so that they are more in harmony with your figure, and your more youthful mind-set.

While it is not possible to completely eliminate scarring, breast lift scars tend to be hidden beneath the breast itself. This means that it is possible to wear all types of lingerie and beachwear, without overly visible scars.

Why Is Breast Lift Cost UK So Expensive?

Cosmetic surgery prices in the UK generally expensive, and this is for a number of legitimate reasons. Understanding why they are expensive can help patients to understand why rates for the same procedure in Turkey are far lower.

A cosmetic surgery clinic must be situated somewhere accessible to the public, and many clinics tend to perform better financially if they are located within easy reach of an affluent neighbourhood. This means that the rent and rates on the business will be high. In addition, it costs a lot of money for a UK surgeon to train in the UK. The cost of living is high in the UK, and surgeons must not only recoup the money they spent on their career but maintain a standard of living too. Finally, the ongoing cost of a cosmetic surgery practise, from cleaning and maintenance to reception staff, advertising and insurance is high in the UK, relative to many other countries.

All these factors mean that surgeons performing breast uplift surgery in the UK have no choice but to charge a premium for their services,

Why Is Breast Uplift Cost Cheaper in Turkey?

Comparing Turkey to the UK in terms of living and training costs shows a dramatic difference between the two countries. While the best of Turkey’s cosmetic surgery scene is cutting-edge, the cost of living, training, paying wages and maintaining a business are all far lower than that of the UK. This means that Turkish surgeons do not have to recoup as much money, in order to make their business viable.

One of the few downsides of this situation for patients, is that unscrupulous Turkish surgeries sometimes target patients that have not properly researched the market. This can lead to sub-standard treatment, which reflects badly on the Turkish medical scene as whole.

Thankfully, there are many well-qualified surgeons with excellent reputations in Turkey. The whole business of finding the right surgeon for you can be daunting and difficult – which is why our patients trust our reputation, as a UK-based company that liaises closely with Turkish clinics and surgeons. Taking the guesswork out of choosing a surgeon ensures a safer and more effective treatment for patients.

What Are the Major Differences Between A Breast Lift in The UK And Turkey?

While the operations are the same, and the standard of consultation, care and aftercare are remarkably similar indeed, there are some important differences to consider, when weighing up a UK or Turkey-based treatment.

In the UK, the fee for the operation (typically £4000-6000) itself does not include any extras. This means that accommodation, should you need it, parking, transport, and other extras are not covered by your fee.

Should you choose to book your treatment in Turkey independently, then this would also mean that travel, transport, and accommodation are not covered by the fee. The patient will also need to do their own research, to ensure that they are connecting with a genuine surgeon that has enough experience to perform their procedure in a safe and effective manner.

Choosing a package from a provider such as MedAway (typically £1200-3000), means that travel, transport, aftercare, consultations, and flights are not only paid for, but arranged by the provider. This takes the stress away from the whole experience and ensures that the patient is only ever connected with Turkey’s reputable and esteemed clinics and surgeries.

It is clear that the financial aspect of this choice plays a huge part in Turkey’s booming cosmetic surgery industry. However, many of Turkey’s thousands of foreign patients are returning visitors or have booked surgery on the recommendation of a friend. Istanbul is a magnificent city and is able to offer even budget patients’ luxurious accommodation and an all-round five star experience. Compared to a night in a Travel Lodge in the UK, the whole experience of flying to Turkey for treatment is an exciting part of the transformation process for many women.

Can I Get A Breast Lift on The NHS?

Breast lift NHS procedures are not performed regularly. This is because a breast lift is a cosmetic procedure, which means that patients must pay for it themselves. Unless the saggy breast tissue is caused by an illness, it is unlikely that a patient will receive treatment on the NHS. If you feel that you may qualify for this, your first step would be to consult your doctor for a referral.

How Do I Find Out More About Breast Lift Turkey?

The best way to discover exactly what a breast lift can do for you, is to book a consultation with one of our surgeons. This is a no-obligation, no-pressure opportunity to find out exactly what this process involves, and what type of results you may expect.

Our surgeons are esteemed and highly trained professionals and will be able to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding this and other procedures. They may also ask you questions, to determine the best course of action for you. Of course, this is a doctor-patient consultation, and as such it is 100% private.

We choose our medical staff not only for their performance and reputation, but also for their excellent communication skills. While we wish all our customers to feel completely comfortable and confident during their communication with our surgeons, we recognise that it is particularly important for women discussing an intimate operation such as a breast lift.

What Is the Recovery Time And Experience For This Procedure?

  • All cosmetic procedures include a recovery time, during which the patient is required to follow the surgeon’s instructions. This could mean wearing a dressing, limiting movement, or avoiding direct sunlight on the affected area.
  • For a breast uplift procedure, the patient will need to wear a support bra for a short time. The area will be swollen and bruised for a couple of weeks. This will eventually settle down, and the new shape of the breasts will become visible.
  • Pain medication may be necessary for a few days. However, it is rare that this needs to be anything stronger than over the counter medication such as paracetamol.
  • Patients must sleep on their back or sides at first and avoid lifting or straining for several days. Avoiding sexual activity is also a requirement, for between one- and two-weeks following surgery.
  • Small drainage tubes may be used at first, and these will be removed by the doctor within a few days. Stitches may dissolve on their own or need to be removed by the doctor.
  • Wearing a support bra around the clock for a few days helps support the healing process, and some patients use silicone tape or gel on their incisions.
  • Results of the operation are immediate, and the patient should notice a big change in their breast shape immediately. However, it takes a few weeks for the operation to completely heal, during which time the final shape and size of the breasts should become more visible.
  • The patient’s bra size may change, so it is best to avoid buying new lingerie until all the swelling has disappeared, and the new breast size can be accurately measured. It is a good idea to be professionally measured for a bra following the operation, to make the most of your brand-new figure.