We, MedAway are a health tourism facilitator giving customers access to Turkey’s medical service providers. Our role is to introduce you to hospitals, surgeons, clinics, physicians and many more health professionals who are looking to offer their services to potential customers worldwide.

Through our experience and contacts we can give you the opportunity to find your perfect surgery provider and have the treatment you’ve always wanted for a great price.

We have a dedicated service team that will help you by facilitating the conversation and getting both the medical service provider and yourself as informed as possible. After getting the initial information from you and your aims of the surgery you are interested in the medical service provider will then create a treatment plan and quote for you. We will provide this in a pro forma document with details of the treatment package and payment methods.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to the medical service provider directly we can put you in touch with them. Once everything is agreed and you are happy the booking can be confirmed. You will pay a booking fee to MedAway and then the remainder will be paid to your medical service provider when you arrive for your treatment.

Facilitating your Aims

Our role as the facilitator is to put you in touch with medical service providers that can help provide the treatments that you have always wanted, at affordable prices!

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Hair Transplant Hotel in turkey

Treatment Packages

Your medical service provider will offer a treatment package that could include hotel, transfers between airport/hotel/clinic as well as your chosen treatment. We will ensure you are happy with everything before you book with them.

Customer Support

If for any reason you need to contact someone you will be able to reach your medical service provider in Turkey or if necessary you can contact your MedAway customer service team.

What makes us... us!

Every one of our customer service team are devoted to delivering the finest possible service to our customers. Since MedAway began our goals has been to open the opportunity of affordable medical treatment to the world. We have found medical service providers who want to welcome you with open arms to Turkey and their health treatments.