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Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or a boob job, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for women. Breast enlargement surgery can enhance the size, shape and look of the breasts, allowing women to feel more confident and empowered. But what does this operation involve? How much does it cost, and how long does it take to recover from a breast enlargement? Is it painful? Here we answer some of the common questions that may be on a woman’s mind, when she is considering undergoing a breast enlargement procedure abroad.

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Do You Need a Boob Job?

The question of whether you “need” breast enlargement surgery is very personal. All figures are different, and some women are happier than others with their own shape.

Many celebrities have undergone breast augmentation surgery, and this has helped boob jobs to become an aspirational procedure for women of all ages and from all backgrounds. From Pamela Anderson in the ‘90s to the reality stars of Love Island, the ideal figure for some women may include larger breasts. A fuller chest means that the waist looks smaller in proportion, and it can help to create an hourglass shaped figure for women with a more pronounced lower body shape.

Some women with smaller breasts want average-sized implants to help them to feel more feminine, while other women simply want to make heads turn wherever they go.

The average breast size UK is 36D, but breast size varies a lot between individual women. Some women feel that they would be happier and more confident about their appearance if their breasts were larger than average boob size. This could be because they are naturally smaller, or because they have sagged due to age or pregnancy, or because they feel that larger breasts would suit their personality and personal style more.

From professional models to mothers and businesswomen, breast or boob size can affect how a woman’s clothes hang on her body for example, as well as how a woman feels in or out of her favourite outfits. It is important then, to choose a surgeon that will not only give you the right size and shape of breast implant, but will listen to your questions and concerns, and work with you to create the breast enhancement package of your dreams.

While having larger breasts isn’t a medical requirement for health, if augmenting them will help some women to feel happier and more confident, then it’s a positive procedure for those women. We all have a picture in our minds of how we would ideally like to look, and taking a big step towards that ideal can make women feel more satisfied with the way that they look.

Finally, our patients are from all walks of life. It is a myth that intelligent women don’t have boob jobs! It’s natural for all women to want to feel attractive and feminine in their own way, and this can include wanting to have fuller breasts. From students to CEOs, breast enlargement surgery appeals to women of all ages and backgrounds.

Breast Enlargement Turkey Package £4,250 Inc. Medical Fees, 5* Hotel & Transfers

Breast Augmentation Before and After

The breast augmentation results include an increase in the size of breasts, as well as a more shapely and appealing look. The implants used will be matched in size to the desired outcome of the patient. This will ensure the breast augmentation procedure gives a more appealing appearance to the figure of the patient. 

Also it is important to note that the scars are not easily visible from the surgery. Due to the incisions being made in the natural creases underneath the breasts and sometimes around the areola.

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How much is a boob job?

If you have landed on this page while browsing breast implant cost pages, you may have already noticed that boob job costs UK can be expensive. While it’s possible to get breast enlargement finance, some women prefer to shop around and consider other options, as an alternative to a breast implants UK procedures. The average cost for boob jobs in the UK is between £4000 and £7000. This is for the procedure alone, and often doesn’t include pre and post consultation fees, or medication. It also doesn’t include accommodation, if the clinic is far from your home. It doesn’t include travel, parking or transport costs either.

What is a “boob job Turkey”?

A breast augmentation procedure in Turkey is sometimes referred to as a “boob job Turkey”, because that is the search term that women often use to find out more about our services. As an alternative to the UK price point, and for a more luxurious experience all-round, budget-conscious patients can opt for an all-inclusive package, for surgery and recovery in Turkey. These packages include transport from your door to the airport, airport to hotel, and hotel to surgery. Luxury accommodation is also included, as well as consultation costs and aftercare – and of course, the entire price of the breast implants and the procedure itself. Our packages start at just £1799.

Can I get a boob job on finance?

It is possible to get finance for both breast enlargement UK and Turkey procedures. Our friendly team are ready to talk to you about finance options. The boob job of your dreams could be just a ‘phone call away. If you’d like to speak to a surgeon, we can also arrange a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation.

Can I get a boob job on the NHS?

Getting a boob job on the NHS is not possible unless you require reconstructive surgery, for example following a mastectomy, or you have a medical condition like controversial model Josie Cunningham. This celebrity had limited breast growth, and was entitled to a breast enlargement NHS procedure. If you already have some breast tissue, or if you do not require reconstructive surgery, then you will have to pay for your own breast surgery. If you think you may be entitled to a boob job on NHS procedure, then you will need to speak to your GP for a referral.

Can I trust “boob job before and after” pictures?

If you’ve been researching boob jobs online, then you will have seen many before and after surgery shots. While the majority of these will be real, do bear in mind that you can’t always verify the source of these photographs. If you are searching terms such as “breast implants before/after” on a search engine such as Google, you will come across some impressive work from some of the top surgeons in the world. However, some unscrupulous clinics and third party agents do Photoshop and even steal pictures from other clinics to pass off as their own. Whichever clinic you choose to speak to about your boob job, ensure that you can obtain recent, unretouched photographs of their work, rather than relying on pictures from their website, or from third party websites. To get a realistic impression of what surgery can do for you personally, it’s always best to have a consultation with a real surgeon. Not only can they talk to you about your own body, rather than someone else’s, they can show you photographs of their very own, recent work. This is much better than simply viewing anonymous photographs on the Internet.

Why is breast augmentation UK so expensive?

The UK is an expensive place to live, train and work. Everything from the rent on a clinic to the years of education and training that a UK surgeon must undergo, adds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. This must then be recouped solely through the cost of cosmetic procedures. It costs a lot of money to pay staff, to advertise in the competitive UK market, and to pay UK taxes. The various expenses are all added on to UK boob job cost. When a procedure is performed in a country such as Turkey, where the cost of living, training and working is much lower, there is less of a deficit to recoup. This means that the price of surgery can be far lower. The standard of surgery can be the same as in the UK, but the clinic isn’t paying as much rent or tax, the surgeons didn’t live in London while they trained, and the clinic is not paying to advertise in UK newspapers and magazines, because they’re not competing with UK clinics.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is a chat with the surgeon who will be performing or overseeing your surgery. This is a chance for you to ask any questions that you may have about any aspect of your surgery. Your surgeon will ask you questions too, in order to understand the exact type of result that you require. While boob jobs in the 1990s were easier for the untrained eye to spot, the most up to date type of breast augmentation can be extremely subtle and natural looking. Some patients enjoy the fashionable “done” look of having undergone surgery, others prefer a more natural look and feel. Thankfully, the top Turkish surgeons are on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery fashions and innovations, and able to work with each individual patient, to give them the exact aesthetic that they require. Your surgeon will ask you about your medical history, including whether you smoke and whether you have undergone previous surgery. This will help them to ensure that you can safely undergo surgery, and minimise the risk of complications.

Do I have to show my boobs during the initial consultation?

No! Some patients may be worried that they will have to disrobe during the consultation, but this isn’t the case. The initial talk with the surgeon is just that – a chat to discuss your needs, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. It’s very important that our female patients are completely comfortable and happy with their surgeon, before embarking on further stages of this procedure.

Breast augmentation recovery

How long does it take to recover from breast implant surgery? Your surgeon will discuss the finer details of your recovery with you. However, as a general rule of thumb, you may require one night in hospital and several weeks of rest and limited physical movement, in order to heal fully from your surgery. During the first week of recovery you will experience some bruising, pain and fluid leakage. The pain can usually be managed with over the counter drugs such as paracetamol. The majority of pain and swelling subsides around week three of recovery. It takes between seven and eight weeks for the breast area to fully recover from surgery, in terms of pain, swelling, bruising and skin healing. Scars from surgery will take a little longer to heal and fade. Patients need to avoid strenuous exercise and stretching for this period, but gentle stretching is encouraged. Low impact cardio is possible after the first month of surgery. While you will experience limited mobility for a short time, you should be up and about within a week, and back to full mobility and strength within a couple of months. If you are dreaming of a brand-new body in time for a special occasion, then it’s important to factor in the recovery time for your operation. Some of our patients wish to undergo surgery in time for their wedding and honeymoon, and if this is the case it’s advisable to undergo surgery at least three months prior to your wedding date, in order to ensure that there is no residual swelling or bruising.

Recovering from a breast implant operation in Turkey

While this is entirely optional, we believe that recovery from cosmetic surgery is made more pleasant in luxurious surroundings! Our package includes a stay at a five star hotel, where you will be able to recuperate in style following your surgery.

Further questions

We hope that we’ve been able to answer some of the common questions or concerns about undergoing a boob job Turkey. If you have further questions regarding finance or travel arrangements, then our friendly team are only a telephone call or email away. Questions of a medical nature can be put to our amazing team of Turkish surgeons, who speak excellent English and are only too happy to answer anything you wish to ask them about breast enlargement surgery. Simply call or email us to arrange a no obligation, no pressure consultation with one of our excellent doctors.

How long do breast implants last?

Breast implants do not last forever, and will need to be removed or replaced after several years. You will need to have further surgery around ten years to remove or replace your implants. You may also find that you would like to chance the size of your implants as your body or preferences change.

Will I have scars from my boob job Turkey?

Scarring from this procedure is unavoidable, however the surgeons use the most up to date techniques of surgery and scar management, in order to minimise and disguise breast augmentation scars. Often your scars can be carefully placed to be hidden or rendered nearly invisible by skin folds, and placed so that they are covered by lingerie swimwear. Once your incisions have healed and your scars have had time to fade, you may feel happy with the result, or you may opt for a further treatment such as laser surgery to further fade your scar tissue. With modern techniques and adequate aftercare, there is no need for post-surgical scars to be large, ugly or disfiguring.

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