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At MedAway we offer everyone a comprehensive and FREE consultation. We want you to be as informed and as comfortable as possible when deciding to proceed with one of our cosmetic procedure packages. Our friendly and confidential consultations can be accessed in a variety of ways. You can call, WhatsApp, email and text to ask any questions and arrange a time and date for your face to face consultation. Our MedAway representatives will be able to answer any queries you have from procedure information to the best way to book flights for your trip to Turkey!

When you arrange your consultation you will have the option of visiting our clinic in London, or if it’s more convenient, speaking via video call. You will be assessed by a fully qualified and experienced medical professional who will ensure you are fully aware of what your chosen procedure entails and also your suitability. You also have the opportunity to speak with the medical professional in Turkey who will carry out your procedure to answer any extra questions and to familiarise yourself with who will be looking after you.

Once you purchase your treatment package you will receive a MedAway procedure pack containing all the information and itinerary of your trip.

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