Breast Reduction Surgery

The breast reduction surgery is where tissue is removed from the breasts. The size of the breasts are  reduced. With this reduction in size their will be excess skin that is removed during the procedure. This will tighten and firm up the area leaving the breasts at a more desired size and shape. Their overall shape and appearance will be improved as well as their position. This should help reverse any issues you were facing before and help you feel confident again.

Breast Reduction Before and After

The breast reduction results include a reduction in size of the breasts. Excess skin is also removed to tighten the appearance of the breasts. Having tighter breasts gives a younger fresher appearance to the figure of a patient. 

Also it is important to note that the breast reduction scars are not easily visible from the surgery. Due to the incisions being made in the natural creases under the breasts.

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Breast Reduction

The size of your breasts can sometimes become too large and begin to become a problem. These problems can include medical issues as well as confidence and body image issues. For example large breasts can be heavy and cause strain to muscle groups on your back. This in turn can cause pressure on your spine giving aches and pains. Day to day life can become difficult just due to moving around normally. Also when breasts are too big it sometimes knocks our confidence or security of our body image. Patients have said they feel it makes them look bloated or unattractive. 

Large breasts will usually droop due to the weight and size. Drooping breasts and saggy breasts can really hit confidence levels. These are issues we aim to solve at MedAway. We give the opportunity for customers to reverse the size of their breasts to counter these issues through breast reduction surgery.

Male Breast Reduction

It is also very common for men to require and choose breast reduction surgery. As men gain weight they can sometimes grow “man boobs” due to the excess fat depositing around the chest muscles. These fat deposits are notoriously difficult to burn off. Even with consistent dieting and good balanced lifestyles the fat deposits can remain. Over time as well the skin will have stretched meaning a man’s breasts may be present for that reason.

Breast Reduction Cost UK vs Breast Reduction Cost Turkey

Breast reduction cost in the UK is on average £4,000-£7,000. These prices are seen as the norm and are paid every day by women who are looking to reduce their bust size and improve appearance. UK breast reduction clinics do offer great service but charge a lot more when compared to Turkey clinics, even though the treatment is identical and often better in Turkey. The UK has much higher costs in the medical industry meaning to operate a business clinics and surgeons alike have to charge much higher prices to ensure their profit margin. The same great products are used both in UK and Turkey meaning anything used during surgery is identical. For example the average MedAway package cost in Turkey for breast reduction is £2,399. Showing you can save on average 50% when travelling to Turkey for the exact same treatment.

Breast Reduction in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading medical industries in the world, especially when it comes to health tourism. Tens of thousands of people a year head to Turkey for cheaper cosmetic surgery and amazing service. The industry in Turkey provides all the same procedures as anyone’s home nation and uses all the same equipment and medical implements. Not much changes when having surgery in Turkey apart from the location.

Breast reduction in Turkey is one of the most popular procedures for health tourism patients. Many women want to have a more appealing bust. Unfortunately their home country prices them out of the market. This is where Turkey, and MedAway, come in, giving everyone the opportunity to achieve their cosmetic goals.

For your procedure you will be picked up from the airport and transported to the hotel. From there you will relax until your surgery date where you will arrive at the clinic ready for your treatment. After treatment you will return to your hotel to recover, unless you require an extended stay overnight in hospital. Once your initial recovery period is complete you will be discharged and returned to the airport for your journey home. Post procedure follow contact is maintained between MedAway and yourself to ensure you are happy with the procedure.