Hair Transplant Turkey

Now is your chance to regrow your hair and your confidence. Hair loss and baldness are a thing of the past. Take the first step today and find out what results you can expect!

Many patients choose to have their hair transplant surgery in Turkey for a variety of reasons. For example due to the level of experience and quality of service. Amazing deals compared to their home country. As well as the chance to have a break and travel while you have your procedure.

Hair Transplant Turkey

FUE Hair Transplant Package

In Turkey
£ 1250
  • All Surgery Fees & Hospital Costs
  • 2 Nights 5* Hotel Stay
  • VIP Transfers
  • Maximum Grafrs
  • Finance Options Available

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Turkey FUE Hair Transplant Video Testimonials

Video reviews of happy customers after having FUE hair transplants in Istanbul. Hear about their experience and what they thought about their treatment.

Hair Transplant Turkey Surgery Overview

Procedure:FUE Hair Transplant. Removal & Transplantation of healthy hair follicles from non-bald to bald areas.
Procedure Time:6-8 Hours per Session
Anaesthetic:Local or local & sedation
Location:Specialised Hair Transplant Clinic
Possible Side Effects:Hair thinning, localised swelling, balding, itchiness, infection, scarring, bleeding, death of hair follicles, unnatural look.
Recovery Time:1-2 Days until you can return home. 10 days for redness. 6-12 moths for full regrowth.
Expected Result:Permanent hair growth in implanted areas. Full regrowth completed in transplant areas after 6 months.

Click here for full details of the FUE Hair Transplant Surgery.

Hair Transplant Free Consultation

Every patient is invited to take part in a completely FREE consultation for their chosen cosmetic procedure. 

Video Call: You have the option to video call a fully qualified medical professional from anywhere. This is great for people who prefer privacy, have a busy schedule or will find it difficult travelling to our London clinic.

Phone Call*: Please feel free to call or request a callback through the contact forms provided. One of our customer care team will take you through all the information regarding your procedure and will try to help with any questions you have. 

Whatsapp/Email*: Please feel free to chat to our customer care team and send any medical photos with descriptions you have. We will try to help where we can and will help you through the process of booking a consultation. 

The feedback is provided by the service provider and they will estimate the number of grafts and expected coverage.

Hair Transplant Itinerary & Travel Diary

Day 1: Upon your arrival at the airport you will be transferred to your hotel. Your care team will help with check in and ensure you are comfortable. You can spend the evening relaxing in preparation for your hair transplant procedure the following day.

Day 2: When you are ready to travel you will be transferred to our affiliate clinic for an initial assessment. You will be fully briefed on the procedure and help the surgeon determine the outcome of the surgery by discussing your aims and objectives for the procedure. Designing the hairline and ensuring you are fully satisfied before going ahead helps put you in control of your own hair transplant procedure. The surgeon will then commence the FUE Hair Transplant procedure which can last up to 8 hours. Once the surgery is complete you will be returned to your hotel to rest and recover.

Day 3: Relax and recover. Feel free to travel around the city of Istanbul and take in the sights. 

Day 4: You will have the chance to enjoy the breakfast included in your package before being transferred to the clinic for a post surgery check up. The surgeon will check the area, washing the scalp with special lotions to help promote hair regrowth and hygiene. Once satisfied the surgeon will discharge you from the hair transplant clinic, allowing you to return to your hotel or be transferred to the airport.

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Average UK FUE Hair Transplant Cost: £5,000 – £11,000

MedAway FUE Hair Transplant Package Cost in Turkey: £1499

It is really important to understand the cost of hair transplant surgery and why it varies. Many clinics overcharge in the UK & Europe compared to Turkey. This is mainly due to the costs they have to cover to make a profit. Don’t regret paying over the odds for exactly the same treatment. Join the tens of thousands of patients travelling to Turkey every year for their hair transplant treatment.

Click here for full details regarding the cost of hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Now it’s time to grow! After 1-2 days you will be able to return to work. Headwear & wigs are not to be worn unless instructed by your surgeon. It is vital that no trauma of any kind occurs to your head in the area where you have had hair transplanted as this can cause the new hair to die. It is important to be protective until your new hair is growing fully.

You will be given information by your surgeon in Turkey regarding how best to treat and care for your new hair. The transplant quality relies on great aftercare so be sure to follow their guidance. Also MedAway are always here to contact if you have any questions regarding your procedure and we will try to help to the best of our ability.

We love to hear from our patients and showcase their amazing results. If you would like to get back in touch and show off your new doo then please feel free to send us images via our contact page.

Hair Transplant Turkey FAQ’s

What hair transplant method is best?

We only offer packages for FUE or DHI procedures as they minimize scarring and increase quality of results.

How many hair grafts do i need?

You will be assessed during your Free consultation and notified of how many will be needed.

How long will a hair transplant last?

With the FUE hair transplant technique you can expect your new hair to be permanent.

Will I have to shave my hair?

When you arrive at the clinic in Turkey your surgeon will shave your hair prior to procedure.

How long does it take for my new hair to grow?

You will see growth within a few weeks but it will take 6 months until your allowed to have your hair cut normally at a hairdressers.

Why Have Your FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey?

  • Turkey is at the forefront of most cosmetic surgeries and procedures. 
  • Their medical industry is a world leader often setting the example in many medical fields. 
  • The latest Hair Transplant techniques (including FUE) have been used by specialists in Turkey since their conception. 
  • This means many private hospitals and technicians have honed their craft and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women looking to solve any hair-loss or balding issues. 

Not only are the specialists the most experienced and talented, they also offer the same high quality treatments as in the UK but for a fraction of the cost! Due to this the cheaper price for a hair transplant can sometimes seem to good to be true but there are logical reasons. Firstly the cost of private medical fees in Turkey are very low, as well as having much lower labour costs. Secondly due to the strength of foreign currencies, like the British Pound and Euro, compared to the Lira your money goes a lot further. For example one British Pound is currently worth nearly 7 Turkish Lira. As a result, their business costs are substantially lower and the motivation to offer good deals to tourists is high. 

As well as hair transplants being cheap compared to patients home countries, Turkey’s geographical location helps appeal itself to UK and EU patients. Istanbul is only around 3 hours from London by flight, for example. Due to this, UK patients can travel easily and quickly for a hair transplant procedure without taking too much time out of their busy schedules.

Hair Transplant Cost UK vs Hair Transplant Cost Turkey​

Hair Transplant cost in the UK is on average £8000. These prices are seen as the norm and are paid every day by men and women who are looking to reverse their receding hairline or hair loss. UK hair transplant clinics do offer great service but charge a lot more when compared to Turkey clinics, even though the treatment is identical and often better in Turkey. The UK has much higher costs in the medical industry meaning to operate a business clinics and surgeons alike have to charge much higher prices to ensure their profit margin. The same great products are used both in UK and Turkey meaning anything used during surgery is identical. For example the average MedAway package cost in Turkey for hair transplant is £1499. Showing you can save on average 75% when travelling to Turkey for the exact same treatment.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading medical industries in the world, especially when it comes to health tourism. Tens of thousands of people a year head to Turkey for cheaper cosmetic surgery and amazing service. The industry in Turkey provides all the same procedures as anyone’s home nation and uses all the same equipment and medical implements. Not much changes when having surgery in Turkey apart from the location.

Hair Transplant in Turkey is one of the most popular procedures for health tourism patients. Many men and women want to reverse any hair loss issues or baldness and feel more confident about their hair. Unfortunately their home country prices them out of the market. This is where Turkey, and MedAway, come in, giving everyone the opportunity to achieve their cosmetic goals.

For your procedure you will be picked up from the airport and transported to the hotel. From there you will relax until your surgery date where you will arrive at the clinic ready for your treatment. After treatment you will return to your hotel to recover. Once your initial recovery period is complete you will be discharged and returned to the airport for your journey home. Post procedure follow up contact is maintained between MedAway and yourself to ensure you are happy with the procedure.

By now you are likely well educated in FUE Hair Transplant treatment and procedure. If not, you can find all the information regarding this surgery on our FUE hair transplant information page. We also have more information regarding your hair transplant in turkey below.

FUE Hair Transplant Package £1499 Inc. Medical Fees, Hotel & Transfers

Hair Transplant in Turkey With MedAway

So, you’re nearly ready to regrow your hair and more importantly your self-confidence! Furthermore, your thinking about asking MedAway to help you, that’s great news. Before you travel to Turkey for your hair transplant there are a few simple steps we need to take to make sure you get the best results for reversing your hair loss or baldness. 

Firstly get in touch and organise your FREE consultation. This can be at Mediwell London clinic face to face with one of our their experienced care team. Or if you prefer we can arrange a skype/facetime/call to go through the same consultation in the comfort of your own home. It’s your choice. We will assess your hair and your goals to find out how to make you happy and create the best results. You will be able to ask any questions and get to know the process of how it’s all done.

Once you are happy with the hair transplant procedure and your chosen service provider, you are ready to fly to Turkey and be greeted by your VIP transfer team. They will get you safely from the airport to your hotel and ensure you are happy with the accommodation. You will then be taken care of by your chosen Hair Transplant Clinic and they will carry out the procedure. Once all treatment is complete and you are ready to leave you will be transferred back to the airport to fly home.

The process has been made as easy and stress free as possible from start to finish. We want our customers to have a great experience with the cosmetic packages we offer and the service providers who carry out the work. This means we are always looking to improve our service. If you would like to give feedback about any step of the process then please get in touch.

VIP Transfers

When you purchase a MedAway Hair Transplant package you will always receive VIP transfers. These are provided by your MedAway affiliate clinic. They will organise everything for you and have you picked up from the airport and safely brought to your accommodation. Once you are settled in you will be transferred to and from the clinic for treatment. After you have been discharged by your surgeon the transfer team will return you to the airport in time for your flight home.

Hair Transplant Accommodation

When you purchase a FUE Hair Transplant package with MedAway your accommodation is included and you will stay at The Ramada Golden Horn Hotel & Suits Istanbul. This hotel stay will include bed and breakfast and will be perfect for you to recover and relax from your FUE Hair Transplant Surgery. Our affiliate hair transplant clinic is a short 15-20 minute transfer which again is included in your package. Click here to find out more about the hotels.

Hair Transplant

What is a Hair Transplant?

A Hair Transplant is the process of moving healthy thick hair from one place on the body to another where an individual may have lost their hair. The most common cause of someone wanting a hair transplant is hair loss or baldness on the head. Receding hairlines, thinning hair and baldness are common as we get older and lose hair. However it doesn’t have to be a permanent change that you can’t do anything about. For example, at MedAway we can help you reverse this condition and regain your youthful hairline or regrow hair where there currently is none.

Where on the body can you have a hair transplant?

The Most common area to have a Hair Transplant is on the head. This is very often the subject to natural hair loss over time. As the hair thins and is damaged many follicles fail to regrow hair and the scalp becomes barren and uninhabitable to promote hair growth. Going bald is usually a hereditary condition but with MedAway and FUE Hair Transplant techniques this is something that can be reversed

Other hair transplant areas include a beard and moustache hair transplant. This would be beneficial for customers who struggle to grow a beard or moustache and want to have a full beard. Hair can be transplanted from the body or nape of the head into the chin, jawline and cheeks to then grow as beard hair. As beards have become more and more fashionable so has the beard and moustache transplant procedure. Some customers ask MedAway to help with both their hair loss and their lack of beard and moustache. This is something we find quite common and are happy to help.

How long does Hair Transplant surgery take?

The actual length of a hair transplant procedure depends on how many grafts are needed to fill the area allocated for implanting. Naturally the more grafts needed to be taken and transplanted the longer it will take. Average times for a full session of around 4000 grafts is 8 hours. This can be cut down to 6 hours if less grafts are needed. Each customer will require different amounts and every case is assessed individually to get find the best treatment for them.

What is included in Hair Transplant aftercare?

From the moment your Hair Transplant is completed our aftercare team step in to take you through the final stages of your procedure. They will list the do’s and don’ts and ensure you are happy to return home. No medication is required as there should be no pain or swelling after the procedure. You can sleep normally and just have to follow their advice regarding headwear and protection while your hair regrows. An aftercare pack will be given including special lotion for you to use every day from 48 hours after the day of procedure.

Female Hair Transplant

It is also very popular for women to require a hair transplant. Balding unfortunately affects everyone and our service providers offer FUE Hair Transplant procedures for both men and women. The free consultation helps assess your hair to decide how many grafts you will need as well as what the expected result will be. Just get in touch and let us know what you want to achieve so a MedAway care representative can help you.

How long does a Hair Transplant last?

After 6 months post procedure your hair should be grown enough to be cut by your hairdresser like normal. From this point the hair should last for the lifetime of the patient. The hairs taken for transplantation are resistant to the DHT that causes baldness.

What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

A FUE hair transplant is the technique used for most modern hair transplant procedures. It is seen as the safest and most successful way of reversing hair loss providing the individual with a new improved hairline and once grown, a full head of hair. Donor hair follicles are taken from areas of the head where hair is in abundance, usually the back and sides of the head. These hairs are normally not prone to going bald so will last the lifetime of the patient. They are then transferred and inserted into the area of the scalp that has been planned for hair regrowth.

What does FUE mean?

FUE means Follicular Unit Excision. This is the name for the technique of harvesting grafts that has become the most popular and advanced type of hair transplant technique in the last 15 years. It individually isolates each follicular unit and uses a sharp metal tube to pass through the skin surface, extracting the hair. This hair is collected and used to transplant into the area of skin that is bald or showing signs of hair loss.

What are the benefits of FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplants use very thin precise tools of under 1mm in diameter to extract hair follicles. This means that it is not very invasive leaving minimal to no scarring. This hair transplant technique is extremely effective at creating healthy successful hair when directly implanted into the bald area. It is a technique that requires years of extensive education and surgical training before being qualified for general practice, meaning our doctors, surgeons and technicians are highly qualified and have many years of hands on experience in the field. Results are usually very positive, even after just a few months. After 6 months thanks to the FUE hair transplant technique the area should be fully grown and ready to be treated like normal hair. Another benefit is that for most patients the procedure can be done in one visit over a session of 6-8 hours. This means a short trip can be made over a weekend or whenever convenient so not it shouldn’t intrude on any busy lifestyle.

What results can you expect from FUE Hair Transplant?

From having a FUE Hair Transplant you really are getting the best treatment possible for your money. Due to the experienced specialist plotting your hair growth before the treatment begins they can place individual follicles in the correct place at the correct angles creating the best growth possible. This means as it grows it will look and feel natural. Your results will be a stronger, thicker and permanent hairline that will make you look and feel amazing!

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