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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, also known a blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic treatment to correct and reverse hooded eyes or droopy eyelids. It is also used to reshape the eye lids to make them look more appealing to the patient. During the procedure general anaesthetic is administered. The surgeon will make an incision along the crease in the eyelid. They will then remove any extra skin, muscle or fat that is causing the eyelid to droop or form bags. Closing the incision along the natural crease of the eyelid means any eyelid surgery scar will be hidden in the natural folds.

Eyelid Surgery Overview

Procedure:Eyelid Surgery
Procedure Time:1 Hour
Anaesthetic:Local Anaesthetic
Common Side effects:Slight swelling or bruising
Recovery Time:1-2 weeks
Expected Result:Removal of sagging and excess skin around the eye. Improvement in vision and/or aesthetic appearance

See Below for full details of the Eyelid Surgery Treatment.

Eyelid Surgery Free Consultation

Every patient is invited to take part in a completely FREE consultation for their chosen cosmetic procedure.

Video Call: You have the option to video call a fully qualified medical professional from anywhere. This is great for people who prefer privacy or have a busy schedule.

Phone Call: Please feel free to call or request a callback through the contact forms provided. One of our customer care team will take you through all the information regarding your procedure and will try to help with any questions you have.

Whatsapp/Email: Please feel free to chat to our customer care team and send any medical photos with descriptions you have. We will try to help where we can and will help you through the process of booking a consultation.

Eyelid Surgery Itinerary & Travel Diary

Day 1:
  • Arrive in Turkey.
  • Be Transported from the airport to the hotel to check in.
  • Your cosmetic surgery clinic will be in contact to bring you to the clinic.
  • You will be prepped for surgery and final agreement on surgery aims will be made.
  • Eyelid Surgery will be carried out.
  • You will have an overnight stay at the hospital.

Day 2-3:

  • Relax and Recover at the hotel.

Day 4:

  • Follow up check made to ensure surgery was a success.
  • Aftercare details discussed.
  • Return transfer from hotel to Airport
Some more days may be needed in Turkey as your surgeon may want to monitor the healing process for a few days. All this will be organised and discussed before you book your flights and your stay will be included in the package price.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

UK Eyelid Surgery Cost: £2,999-£5,000

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey Cost: From £999

It is really important to understand the cost of brow lift treatment and why it varies. Many clinics overcharge in the UK & Europe compared to Turkey. This is mainly due to the costs they have to cover to make a profit. Don’t regret paying over the odds for exactly the same treatment. Join the tens of thousands of patients travelling to Turkey every year for their brow lift surgery treatment.

Eyelid Surgery Aftercare

Now it’s time to enjoy your new look! You will receive a follow up contact from your surgery team in turkey. They will find out how you are getting on and ask if there is anything they can do to help at all.

You will be given information by your surgeon in Turkey regarding how best to treat and care for yourself post eyelid surgery. The success of eyelid surgery treatment relies on great after care so be sure to follow their guidance. Also MedAway are always here to contact if you have any questions regarding your procedure and we will try to help to the best of our ability.

We love to hear from our customers and showcase their amazing results. If you would like to get back in touch and show off your new look then please feel free to send us images via our contact page.

Eyelid Surgery FAQ’s

How much eyelid surgery treatment will I need?

You will be assessed during your Free consultation and notified of how much will be needed to achieve the desired result.

How long will eyelid surgery treatment last?

The benefits of eyelid surgery treatment should be permanent. As the skin heals over time the results should be natural looking and effective. Some ageing will cause natural wrinkles and lines to form.

Will I have to have more eyelid surgery treatment in the future?

This will depend on your own needs and satisfaction. Some more improvement can be made in the future but we always hope to get the results patients wish the first time around.

Eyelid Surgery Before and After

The eyelid surgery results include a reduction in bags and excess skin around the eyes. As the excess skin is removed it tightens up the remaining skin. This gives a younger fresher appearance to the face. 

Also it is important to note that the scars are not visible from the surgery. Due to the incisions being made in the natural creases of the eye no scarring or surgery marks will be visible during normal everyday activities.

Interested in eyelid surgery? Get in touch to start your FREE Consultation today!

Eyelid Surgery Before and After Turkey

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  • VIp transfers

VIP transfers to & from airport and hotel

  • Health Experts

Qualified & highly experienced health professionals

  • 4* hotel

Comfortable hotel to rest & relax during your stay

Upper Eyelid Surgery and Lower Eyelid Surgery

Patients that suffer from hooded eyelids would opt for upper eyelid surgery. In this procedure the upper eyelid has excess tissue fat and skin removed, tightening the skin around the eye. This means the eyelid no longer droops over the eye. Other patients might suffer from droopy eyelids under their eyes. Also known as “bags”. They would then opt for lower eyelid surgery. Like the upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery removes tissue and fat. Again this helps tighten the skin around the eyes making them more appealing to the patient.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Some patients may suffer from both issues surrounding the skin of the eye. In this case they would opt for double eyelid surgery. Both upper eyelids and lower eyelids would be corrected in the same procedure. Double-eyelid surgery is popular due to correcting both issues at the same time also saving money for the patient instead of separating the procedures.

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Upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery?

It can be difficult to know what type of treatment you need and how much. This is where the opinion of a fully qualified surgeon and medical professional can be priceless. You can be assessed for eyelid surgery and told what would best suit your needs. You can discuss what results you would like and what the realistic results you can expect are. You can access this during your consultation process.

Eyelid Surgery Cost UK vs Eyelid Surgery Cost Turkey

When discussing eyelid surgery the most popular topic is always price. This can be make or break for many patients as the affordability level usually reserves this type of treatment, and most cosmetic treatment in fact, to the rich and famous. Their fortunate situation of having more expendable income gives them an advantage as they can correct or improve their bodies as they age keeping them looking young and rejuvenated whenever they need.

MedAway aims to battle this by giving customers the opportunity to access reasonably priced cosmetic surgery deals including eyelid surgery from medical service providers in Turkey. These affordable upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery and double eyelid surgery packages are designed to make it as simple and easy as possible for you, the customer.

It all starts with a Free consultation. You can ask all the medical questions you like here and find out what amount or type of eyelid surgery treatment is best suited for your goals and needs. You will have the questions answered by the surgery team in Turkey who will ensure everything is arranged for your visit to Turkey.

When you are ready to travel and have booked your flights your treatment, transfers and accommodation will be organised by the medical service provider. This means you land at the airport in Turkey with everything organised for you.

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