Before & After FUE Hair Transplant Transformations

Highly qualified hair transplant surgeons and technicians pride themselves on incredible results. They are trained to assess your images and give feedback in regards to the number of grafts that are possible and the expected result. When you are ready to travel to Turkey everything will be organised for your arrival. These before and after hair transplant images show the potential FUE hair transplants have to regrow hair and reverse baldness or hair loss. Sufferers can regain their hair and more importantly their confidence. Just get in touch today to speak with one of our care team and find out how you can achieve results like these hair transplant patients did.

FUE Hair Transplant £1499 Inc. Medical Fees, Hotel & Transfers

Can I Expect Results Like this?

The answer is simply yes. We only ever use real photos of real clients who have visited Turkey for a hair transplant. Their images are here to show what is possible and realistic to expect. Many hair transplant surgery clinics will give you false hope and can promise unrealistic results. However we feel that being honest and up front is the best way to go. Building trust with our patients and customers is of great priority in the work we do.

During your consultation you will be given honest and unique advice for you. Every patient has a different set of circumstances or challenges to overcome so we tailor the FUE Hair Transplant to you. This helps get the greatest result possible every time.

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Turkey Hair Transplant Review

“I’m extremely happy”

“I have been recommended by quite a few friends and family members”

“They always speak very highly of yourselves and your facility”

Turkey Hair Transplant Package

2-3 Nights | 4* Hotel 

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From £1600

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