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FUE Hair Transplant

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

A FUE hair transplant is the technique used for most modern hair transplant procedures. It is seen as the safest and most successful way of reversing hair loss providing the individual with a new improved hairline and once grown, a full head of hair. Donor hair follicles are taken from areas of the head where hair is in abundance, usually the back and sides of the head. These hairs are normally not prone to going bald so will last the lifetime of the patient. They are then transferred and inserted into the area of the scalp that has been planned for hair regrowth.

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What Does FUE Mean?

FUE means Follicular Unit Excision. This is the name for the technique of harvesting grafts that has become the most popular and advanced type of hair transplant technique in the last 15 years. It individually isolates each follicular unit and uses a sharp metal tube to pass through the skin surface, extracting the hair. This hair is collected and used to transplant into the area of skin that is bald or showing signs of hair loss.

What Are The Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplants use very thin precise tools of under 1mm in diameter to extract hair follicles. This means that it is not very invasive leaving minimal to no scarring. This hair transplant technique is extremely effective at creating healthy successful hair when directly implanted into the bald area. It is a technique that requires years of extensive education and surgical training before being qualified for general practice, meaning our doctors, surgeons and technicians are highly qualified and have many years of hands on experience in the field. Results are usually very positive, even after just a few months. After 6 months thanks to the FUE hair transplant technique the area should be fully grown and ready to be treated like normal hair. Another benefit is that for most patients the procedure can be done in one visit over a session of 6-8 hours. This means a short trip can be made over a weekend or whenever convenient so not it shouldn’t intrude on any busy lifestyle.

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What Results Can You Expect?

From having a FUE Hair Transplant you really are getting the best treatment possible for your money. Due to the experienced specialist plotting your hair growth before the treatment begins they can place individual follicles in the correct place at the correct angles creating the best growth possible. This means as it grows it will look and feel natural. Your results will be a stronger, thicker and permanent hairline that will make you look and feel amazing!

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