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What is Botox?

Botox is administered as an injection containing botulinum toxin. These botox injections are used to alter a person’s appearance without the need for surgery. This occurs when the fluid is injected into several areas helping the muscles relax. As they relax wrinkles flatten and soften.

How long does it take for botox to work?

You won’t see any difference immediately after the botox injections are administered. After the first three to five days the botox should start taking effect. Full effects of botox injections should be visible after two weeks.

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How long does botox last?

Unfortunately botox isn’t a permanent way to fix your appearance. The appearance effects of botox will wear off after around four to six months. This means to maintain the visual improvements possible with botox you will need to have multiple follow up sessions. Alot of patients who use botox to enhance their appearance have routine regular sessions booked ahead. For a more permanent change to your appearance you can click here to find out more about surgical facelifts.

Where on the body can I have botox?

There are many areas on the body that can be enhanced with botox. This type of cosmetic appearance improvement procedure is usually used on visible areas of the face. This is due to being the part of our body we see all the time and the first thing people look at when meeting us.

Botox lips – Botox Injections are administered around the lip area helping flatten lines and wrinkles. They can also elevate the corners of your mouth. When administered in the top of the lip it causes the lip to curl up and appear larger. This is known as a ‘botox lip flip’.

Botox brow lift – This cosmetic treatment is designed to relax and soften the muscles around the brows. Any frown lines or creases between the brows will soften and flatten out. The botox also helps elevate the brows giving a more youthful appearance and tighter skin.

Botox Forehead – Again the botox helps relax the muscles in the forehead getting rid of those horrible frown lines. The wrinkly bumps we gain on our forehead over time can be flattened and softened out with forehead botox injections.

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Who carries out the botox procedure?

All botox injections and procedures are overseen by a fully qualified and certified cosmetic surgery physician. Their duty is to assess you and ensure that botox injections are right for you. They will decide how much botox should be administered and what areas need injecting. They may administer the botox injections themselves or delegate this to another medical professional. All responsibility will be held by the medical professional overseeing the procedure.

Botox aftercare

It is very important to look after your skin once you’ve had cosmetic botox injections. Many patients don’t understand that it takes time for the botox to take effect like we discussed above. Make sure to avoid massaging the areas you have had botox administered in for up to three days. Also remember that the effects of botox aren’t permanent and you will require follow up sessions to maintain the effect.

What are the possible botox side effects?

The majority of patients don’t witness any side effects with botox. However there are some general things that can occur. For example a slight headache or bruising after the injections. Also in some cases people have temporary weakness in the muscles that causes a slight droop in your appearance. This is only temporary and will fade as the medicine wears off. Our bodies can also build up resistance to botox over time if you have lots administered regularly.