The Terms and Conditions set out in this document oversee and control the relationship between yourself and Frontier Health Medical Solutions Ltd. registered in England and Wales (Registration Number: 11547944) trading as MedAway. Any Treatment Package purchased with MedAway is bound by these terms and by accepting them you are legally obliged to obey them.


“Agreement” – This Agreement set out in the following document.

“Destination” – The location that you will be travelling to for your chosen Procedure (city and/or country).

“Finance” – The means of applying for credit or finance solutions to fund your chosen Treatment Package costs with MedAway through the third party Finance Provider.

“Finance Provider” – The third party company that we use to offer customers finance solutions to be able to afford their treatment package cost.

“Itinerary” – The file or document that provides the details of your Treatment Package.

“Procedure” – The medical treatment or surgery you have chosen to have.

“Quote” – The document provided by MedAway to you detailing the costs of your chosen Treatment Package.

“Service Provider” – The surgeon, clinic, hospital or facility providing the services contained in your Treatment Package including any Procedure.

“Terms and Conditions” – The Terms and Conditions explained below.

“Trading Name” – MedAway.

“Treatment Package” – The complete amalgamation of any procedure, private transfers package, accommodation stay, pre-operative tests, post operative tests, after care and other extra services that you may require that are included.

“Us” – MedAway.

“We” – Frontier Health Medical Solutions Ltd. registered in England and Wales (Registration Number: 11547944)


1.1 When considering a Treatment Package you are entitled to MedAway’s free consultation programme. This is a three step process in which at least one consultation must be attended by yourself, prior to having any treatment. Failure to do so is a violation of the terms and conditions and will result in the refusal of treatment by the Service Provider.

1.2 Face to Face UK Consultation – These consultations are carried out at Mediwell Clinic, London. This Service Provider is registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission), the independent regulator for health and social care in England.

1.3 Video Consultation (Turkey) – These consultations are carried out between the Service Provider and yourself via WhatsApp video call, Skype or any other means of video conferencing available. This consultation is designed for you to meet your surgeon and discuss your treatment options. Any information discussed in this consultation will be passed on to MedAway in order to provide you with a suitable Treatment Package.

1.4 Face to Face Consultation (Turkey) – This consultation type will be carried out prior to you going ahead with your procedure. Any final tests or examinations required will take place to check your suitability for the procedure.

1.5 MedAway is not responsible for any information or advice provided during these consultations. Any information or advice provided by the Service Provider will be used to offer you a suitable Treatment Package, Procedure or service. All information passed to MedAway will be kept confidential.

2.               YOUR TREATMENT

2.1 MedAway and its staff do not hold any medical qualifications and do not take any responsibility, or liability, for any Procedure you have chosen to include in your Treatment Package and carry out with your chosen Service Provider. Also, we hold no responsibility for any of the care you receive either during your consultation, pre-operative care, treatment, post-operative care, or any subsequent treatment you require. We only facilitate the relationship between yourself (the customer) and the Service Provider, who will carry out any medically related work or services you require.

2.2 Our staff are able to describe and explain different procedures, including what they entail, their methods, their purposes and details surrounding them. All details provided are for information purposes only. Consultations with authorised and qualified medical professionals are mandatory for all patients, to ensure they choose the correct Procedure for their Treatment Package.

2.3 Any and all services, procedures and Treatment Packages are only offered by MedAway as a result of email exchanges, WhatsApp messages, Web Chat messages, text messages, telephone conversations and/or video consultations with yourself. The resulting Treatment Package is based solely on the information provided by you and reviewed by the Service Provider. This information includes medical records, medical images, medical history and any preoperative test results. Your Treatment Package is subject to change at the Service Provider’s discretion once a final face-to-face consultation occurs prior to your treatment.

2.4 If, for any reason, a change to the Treatment Package you originally agreed to occurs, you have the option to stop proceedings and not go ahead with any Procedure, service or treatment. In this case, you will receive a refund after deductions have been made for any expenses accrued up to that point, including and not limited to tests, consultations, administration work, hotel costs and private transfer costs.

2.5 If a new Treatment Package is created and you are still happy to proceed, then you will receive a new Quote outlining the changes made and the difference in price. This remaining balance needs to be paid before the new Procedure can be carried out. If the changes to the Treatment Package mean a change to the required length of stay in the Destination, then Medaway hold no responsibility for this and cannot be liable for any extra costs you may incur.

2.5 By accepting the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement, you agree not to hold MedAway responsible, or liable, for any medical negligence or malpractice claim you make against your chosen Service Provider.

3.               PAYMENT

3.1    The Treatment Package price will be made up of the costs of one, or more, of the following:

       i.          Surgery;

      ii.          Accommodation;

     iii.          Private transfers;

    iv.          Any pre-operative tests you are advised to take;

     v.          Any post-operative tests you are advised to take;

    vi.          Any follow-up procedure you require; and

   vii.          Any extra services you request or require.

3.2 If any extra tests, Procedures, and/or medical services are required, due to pre-existing medical conditions not previously disclosed to us or the Service Provider, additional charges may be incurred. These costs will be discussed with you prior to commencing any tests, Procedures or medical services.

3.3 Upon accepting these Terms and Conditions, we will require payment of a deposit. The deposit will be outlined in the Quote provided for your Treatment Package cost. This deposit is used to secure your surgery date, accommodation, transfers and any other aspect of your treatment package outlined in your Itinerary. Once the deposit is paid, you are bound to these Terms and Conditions.

3.4 Deposits can be paid via bank transfer or another payment method that may be provided at our discretion, if such an option is available. Deposit amount will be outlined in the Quote.

3.5 Failure to pay the deposit within the time frame set out by MedAway will mean you are in breach of this Agreement and MedAway will not be responsible for providing any of the services detailed in your Treatment Package or Itinerary.

3.6 The remainder of your Treatment Package cost, which equals the Treatment Package price minus the deposit, must be paid in cash to the Service Provider in the currency outlined in the Quote.

4.               FINANCE

4.1 Finance may be available to you, via MedAway’s Finance Provider, subject to approval by the Finance Provider. Finance solutions in the form of unsecured loans are provided by fully authorised and regulated brokers and lenders.

4.2 We are authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority Reference Number: 842232) with limited permissions in secondary brokering to introduce potential customers to Finance Providers who provide finance and credit solutions. We can only provide them with your details if you request us to do so, or agree for us to do so when prompted. We will also provide you with the opportunity to apply for these services yourself through our website.

4.3 As the introducer, we may potentially earn a fee from this introduction. We will not, in any way, be involved in the agreement between yourself and the Finance Provider. We hold no responsibility for any terms, conditions, stipulations, decisions or outcomes in regards to any Finance agreement made, or attempted to be made between yourself and the Finance Provider. Our permissions can be checked on the FCA register at the following address: https://www.register.fca.org.uk.

4.4 Any enquiry regarding your relationship with the Finance Provider must be sent directly to the Finance Provider and not to MedAway. MedAway is not responsible for responding to these enquiries.

4.5 You are entitled to follow up any Finance related issue you have with the financial ombudsman at the following address: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

5.               CANCELLATIONS

5.1 You may, at any time, prior to paying your deposit, cancel your booking by notifying us in writing via email, WhatsApp or web chat on our website. The cancellation will take effect from the day on which written notification of cancellation is received.

5.2 All cancellations made after the deposit has been received will be subject to a £50 administration fee. This will be deducted from the deposit prior to any refund.

5.3 Cancellations made after payment of deposit will also see any costs already incurred, deducted from the deposit amount. These charges will only amount to the actual costs accrued by MedAway.


We are responsible for upholding our obligations outlined in the Terms and conditions of this Agreement.

6.1 We will provide you with the following information and details:

       i.          Information regarding the different components making up your chosen Treatment Package;

      ii.          A full Quote regarding information about the costs of your chosen Treatment Package;

     iii.          Our information document regarding visa and passport requirements for travelling to Turkey;

    iv.          A full copy of these terms and conditions;

6.2 Prior to departing for your Treatment Package Destination, we will provide a full itinerary of your trip. This will include the following:

       i.          Contact details of your chosen Service Provider;

      ii.          Accommodation details;

     iii.          Transfer package details;

    iv.          Consultation provider details;

     v.          MedAway representative details;

    vi.          Instructions as to what to do if you require assistance while abroad;

6.3 If, for any reason, we have to amend or cancel your booking we will contact you at the earliest possible point in time. If this occurs, we will give you the option to rearrange your Treatment Package and Procedure with us for another date (subject to availability), or cancel your booking for a full refund. If you choose to cancel we are not responsible for any charges, expenses or losses that you accrue due to circumstances outside of our remit or control.

These include:

       i.          Terrorism

      ii.          Civil Unrest

     iii.          Flight Delays or Cancellations

    iv.          Natural Disaster

     v.          Bad weather or conditions

    vi.          Cancellation or amendment by the Service Provider


7.1 Perusal of Literature

7.1.1 You are expected to read and understand all of the literature made available to you. This includes any information provided in the Quote, the Treatment Package and the Itinerary relating to your trip, prior to accepting and agreeing to this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement you accept and agree that you have read and understood all of the information made available to you.

7.2 Health and Wellbeing Precautions

7.2.1 You are expected to check if you require any vaccinations or medical checks relating to the Destination you are travelling to. This information can be found online at the following websites:




7.2.2 We also recommend seeking advice from your GP prior to departing for your Treatment Package Destination.

7.3 Travel Information and Documentation

7.3.1 You are responsible for ensuring you have a valid passport that is in date and acceptable for international travel to your Destination.

7.3.2 You are responsible for acquiring a visa for your Destination, if required.

7.3.3 You are responsible for keeping with you any documentation you require for the purposes of your travel.

7.3.4 You are responsible for arranging the travel to your Destination, whether that be by land, sea or air. Any requirements put upon you by any company you deal with in regards to these travel arrangements are your responsibility, including any information you must provide them in advance of travelling with them.

7.3.5 You must be legally allowed to travel to your Destination, including any other jurisdiction you may pass through before arriving at your final Destination.

7.3.6 If you fail to fulfil these requirements, or provide false and/or incorrect information and/or documentation, you may be refused entry to your final Destination. We hold no responsibility or liability for any cost accrued due to you being refused entry. It is your duty to ensure you are able to travel and provide the correct documents to do so. MedAway is not liable for any fines, damages, losses and/or costs you encounter if you are refused entry. We are also not liable to provide assistance or offer a refund, compensation or other financial assistance if you are refused entry.

7.3.7 If for any reason you miss your flight, or any other travel arrangements you have engaged in to reach your Destination, MedAway is not responsible for providing any assistance or liable for any costs your incur.


8.1 Prior to departing for your Treatment Package Destination, the Service Provider will require details of your medical history and/or medical records to be submitted. These details will be used to assess your suitability for your chosen Treatment Package. By accepting the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement, you agree to us sharing the details of your medical history and records, including any images, test results, prescriptions and x-rays with your Service Provider.

8.2 If any information you have provided us during our conversations, or during any consultation, is false, we are not liable for any costs or damages, or subject to any claim that you make relating to any issue arising as a result of false information.

8.3 By accepting the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement, you permit us to create, retain and update your unique patient file for our own records. This patient file may include any of the following:

       i.          Your Treatment Plan;

      ii.          Your Quote;

     iii.          Your Finance request;

    iv.          Your personal Details;

     v.          Any files or data you have shared with us, including images, medical history and medical records;

    vi.          Any examination results;

   vii.          Any treatment results;

  viii.          Any records the Service Provider holds.

9.               DATA PROTECTION

9.1 Any details you provide us, including any contact information, medical records, medical images and private information will be held in the strictest confidence. We will never disclose your data, records or information without your consent. We will only share this information with our chosen Service Providers to provide you with the treatment or services you require.

9.2 Under UK & EU law you are entitled to request us to provide you with any data pertaining to you. We are able to remove and permanently delete any data we hold when requested in writing after the retention period of 12 months. Enquiries relating to either removing or requesting data should be provided in writing to us via this email address info@medaway.co.uk. We will aim to handle your query as quickly as possible.

9.3 Any conversations via phone, email, WhatsApp and/or Web Chat may be recorded and retained for our records.


10.1 This Agreement is governed by and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. During your trip to your Destination, the governing laws and jurisdiction of the location in which you reside will also bind you.

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