Labiaplasty Cost Turkey vs UK

The main reason for patients travelling to Turkey for a cosmetic surgery procedure or treatment is usually price. Costs of medical procedures especially those of a cosmetic variety are so inflated in many countries around europe and the world. Most people are priced out completely and only the rich and those of a celebrity status are applicable. Unfortunately, this forces the average person to put up with their problems and deal with the lack of self-confidence, forever wishing they could change a part of their appearance.

Well, no longer is this the case. MedAway are bringing cosmetic surgery packages that include everything a patient requires all for one affordable price. Our aim is to open the opportunity for patients to achieve their cosmetic goals. We believe everyone should feel the best they possibly can and if improving our appearance makes us happy we should do it!

Labiaplasty Turkey - MedAway Package

Antalya - From £1,599
Cosmetic Surgery Procedure
Free VIP Airport Transfers
Hotel Stay for Duration Required (with breakfast)
Free Complimentary Pre & Post Surgery Consultations
24hr Support Available

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All Cosmetic Surgery Packages Include Medical Fees, Hotel & Transfers

Free Consultation

Your FREE consultation process can start with just a short phone conversation, an email or a WhatsApp chat. Just let us know what you want to achieve. We will offer you the correct procedure for the best price. You will then be invited for a full assessment by an experienced medical professional at our affiliate London clinic, or if you prefer; via video call. Here you can ask any questions you may have.

Designer Vagina Surgery Cost From £999

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic surgery can be a daunting prospect. That’s why at MedAway we make everything simple and stress free.

Before You Travel

You will discuss everything with a health professional to ensure your chosen cosmetic surgery procedure is right for you. Once you are happy and pay your deposit we will arrange everything to be ready for you in Turkey.

Getting To Turkey

Just like booking a holiday you can find flights that suit your timetable and budget. Just let us know the flight details so we can pass these on to your cosmetic surgery clinic and transfer team to prepare for your visit.

Once you've arrived

Your VIP transfer team will be waiting for you at the airport. They will take you to the hotel and your cosmetic surgery clinic will be in touch to start your treatment. It’s all organised for you including the return transfer.

Labiaplasty Surgery Cost UK

Why Are UK Designer Vagina Procedures So Expensive?

Quite honestly Labiaplasty in the UK are expensive for a variety of reasons. One being that we generally get overcharged in the UK compared to many other countries for nearly everything. Many companies try to take customers for a ride and advertise procedures for higher costs as they are associated with the rich and famous. They want to keep it a “special club” making everyone else have to pay out more to be a part of it.  Also the UK’s costs for running a medical business are a lot higher then they are in Turkey, for example, where business costs are cheaper. Everything from wages to equipment cost more in the UK and the only way to recoup the expenditure while making a profit is by charging patients more.

VIP transfers to & from Istanbul airport and hotel

Qualified & highly experienced health professionals

Comfortable hotel to rest & relax during your stay

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Comparison With Turkey Labiaplasty Cost

We get asked alot, why is the cost of a Designer Vagina Surgery in Turkey is so cheap compared to the UK. Our partner clinics in Turkey have the same levels of qualification, experience and clinical working environments as the UK. They carry out the same procedure with the same equipment while using the same techniques. The price difference comes with the savings our Turkey clinics make in business costs compared to the UK companies and also the exchange rate being so generous. They can offer cheap prices compared to the UK labiaplasty costs and want to get more customers from the UK. The more patients that travel to Turkey and have a successful positive experience the more likely they are to get more customers in the future. So it is in their interest to offer cheap prices and more cost-effective solutions compared to the UK.

Not only does the MedAway’s package labiaplasty price cover the procedure in Turkey but it also covers your transfers to and from the airport and accommodation for the duration of your stay. You save potentially thousands on having your cosmetic procedure and get the opportunity to explore an amazing city at the same time. Don’t worry Turkey is very popular with cosmetic surgery procedures attracting thousands of health tourism visitors every month. You will see lots of other patients walking around sightseeing having just had their procedure done. We also include a friendly personal care service where you can easily get in touch with your MedAway representative at any time to ask questions, help translate something or even recommend a good restaurant!