Hair Transplant

What Is A Hair Transplant?

A Hair Transplant is the process of moving healthy thick hair from one place on the body to another where an individual may have lost their hair. The most common cause of someone wanting a hair transplant is hair loss or baldness on the head. Receding hairlines, thinning hair and baldness are common as we get older and lose hair. However it doesn’t have to be a permanent change that you can’t do anything about. For example, at MedAway we can help you reverse this condition and regain your youthful hairline or regrow hair where there currently is none.

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Where on the body can you have a Hair Transplant?

The Most common area to have a Hair Transplant is on the head. This is very often the subject to natural hair loss over time. As the hair thins and is damaged many follicles fail to regrow hair and the scalp becomes barren and uninhabitable to promote hair growth. Going bald is usually a hereditary condition but with MedAway and FUE Hair Transplant techniques this is something that can be reversed

Other hair transplant areas include a beard and moustache hair transplant. This would be beneficial for customers who struggle to grow a beard or moustache and want to have a full beard. Hair can be transplanted from the body or nape of the head into the chin, jawline and cheeks to then grow as beard hair. As beards have become more and more fashionable so has the beard and moustache transplant procedure. Some customers ask MedAway to help with both their hair loss and their lack of beard and moustache. This is something we find quite common and are happy to help.

How Long Does A Hair Transplant Take?

The actual length of a hair transplant procedure depends on how many grafts are needed to fill the area allocated for implanting. Naturally the more grafts needed to be taken and transplanted the longer it will take. Average times for a full session of around 4000 grafts is 8 hours. This can be cut down to 6 hours if less grafts are needed. Each customer will require different amounts and every case is assessed individually to get find the best treatment for them.

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Who Carries Out The Hair Transplant?

The procedure itself is carried out by four qualified health professionals. The team usually consists of two doctors, one hair transplantation technician and one nurse. At MedAway our partnered clinics & hospitals provide the hair transplant procedure. They are fully insured and have years of experience in the hair transplant field. They consist of award winning surgeons, doctors and technicians.

What Is Included In Hair Transplant Aftercare?

From the moment your Hair Transplant is completed our aftercare team step in to take you through the final stages of your procedure. They will list the do’s and don’ts and ensure you are happy to return home. No medication is required as there should be no pain or swelling after the procedure. You can sleep normally and just have to follow their advice regarding headwear and protection while your hair regrows. An aftercare pack will be given including special lotion for you to use every day from 48 hours after the day of procedure.

How Long Will A Hair Transplant Last?

After 6 months post procedure your hair should be grown enough to be cut by your hairdresser like normal. From this point the hair should last for the lifetime of the patient. The hairs taken for transplantation are resistant to the DHT that causes baldness.

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