Cataract Surgery Cost

How much does cataract surgery cost?

For those patients who aren’t fortunate enough to have their cataract surgery on the NHS, or are looking for better options for vision improvement, it can be a costly procedure. Average prices in the UK cataract operation business range from £2000-£4000 per eye!

These costs can leave patients to just put up with their poor eyesight and loss of life satisfaction. MedAway are here to change that. We have found great eye hospitals offering amazing discounts for patients travelling abroad for cataract surgery.

VIP transfers to & from airport and hotel

Qualified & highly experienced health professionals

Comfortable hotel to rest & relax during your stay

Comparison With Turkey For Cataract Surgery Price

As we discussed above you can easily pay up to £4000 per eye for cataract operations in the UK. This is all dependant on the type of lense you choose, the clinic you have the procedure done with and the type of surgery offered. At MedAway we only affiliate with the best clinics and most experienced surgeons for cataract procedures. We also bring patients the best prices. Our packages start from £999 per eye. That is a saving of up to 75% when compared with some UK clinics.

Cataract Surgery From £1600 Inc. Medical Fees, Hotel & Transfers

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